Anti-Discrimination Policy

To our community:

Last summer, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) unfortunately chose to reaffirm its policy barring openly gay boys from membership and gay or lesbian adults from serving as leaders. Although recent news suggests that the policy may be up for further review by the BSA, we, the leaders of Sudbury Cub Scout Pack 60 (with members primarily from the Loring Elementary School), want to be sure that our community knows that we disagree with and will not enforce this policy of discrimination. In keeping with our long-standing practice, Pack 60 does not and will not discriminate with regards to sexual orientation or any other basis.

We believe Scouting is an excellent program with much to offer our children and our community, and we value Pack 60’s role in providing opportunities for children to learn about and practice leadership, citizenship, and community service in Sudbury. We also believe that change must come from within and thus have been working since last summer with our regional Cub Scout council to strongly voice our opposition to this policy and to work toward its overturn at the national level.

In December, we were pleased to receive a statement from the Knox Trail Council (which includes Sudbury and 20 other surrounding communities) that our regional organization welcomes all families to participate in Scouting. We were also encouraged to hear the recent news that the BSA national organization may be reconsidering its position. Regardless of the eventual outcome of the national discussion, Pack 60 Sudbury will continue to be an open and nondiscriminatory organization.

For more information about the new family scouting programs coming in 2018, please click here.

We appreciate the support of the town and Sudbury residents, and we pledge to continue to offer a Scouting experience that actively welcomes all interested boys or girls and their families.


Pack 60 Sudbury Executive Committee and Den Leaders