Leadership Roles

Open Roles

There are several leadership roles open in the pack. You are an important part of your scout’s Life. Volunteer!

Not sure how to volunteer? Ask your Den Leader for help.

  • CubMaster / CoCubmaster
    • Needed for Apr 2019
    • Person or people needed to run Pack.
    • Approx 8-10 hours a month.
    • District meetings 1-2 a qtr.
    • 2-3 Pack Committee meetings a year.
    • Camping experience not needed.
    • Looking to see if we can recruit men and women for the role given the direction of scouting.
  • Treasurer
    • Approx. 2-5 hours a month, heavy in Sept/Oct, Jan and March.
    • Pack uses QuickBooks and has everything done through TD Bank in Sudbury.
    • Looking to evolve credit card usage for popcorn and annual fees collection.
    • 2-3 Committee meetings a year.
  • Events Coordinator
    • Person needed for PWD / Blue and Gold catering and set up.
    • Approximately 8-10 hours total a year.
    • 2-3 Committee meetings a year.
  • Awards Chair
    • Person needed for Pack meeting awards, approximately 2-3 hours a month.
    • 2-3 Committee meetings a year.
    • Pack uses debit card for all purchases but coordination needed to ensure Pack meeting awards are delivered and distributed on time.

Current Responsibilities

Den Leaders

Pack Leadership
Chartered Organization Representative Pastor Joel Guillemette
Pack Committee Chair Kasey Rogers
Pack Committee Ananda Chakravarty
George Mullin
Christine Barrett
Treasurer Christine Barrett
Advancement Chair Beth Maier
Special Events Coordinator TBD
Awards Chair TBD
Membership Chair Ananda Chakravarty
George Mullin
Christine Barrett
Pinewood Derby Chairs Sean Barrett
Dan Fox
Popcorn Chair George Mullin
Webmaster Dan Fox
Cubmaster Dan Maier
Assistant Cubmaster George Mullin
Tiger Dan Maier
Wolf Louis Cannistraro
Ken Griffin
Bear Bruce McLeod
Webolos I George Mullin
Webolos II Marc Gallagher
Will Koffel