Kindergarten & First Grade Programs


Kindergarten – Lions:  Lion Scouts is a fun introduction to the Scouting program for kindergarten-age youth eager to get going! Lions do adventures with their adult partners and other Lions every month. This program introduces youth and their families to Scouting and the outdoors as it builds a foundation of character. Everything as a Lion is done with an adult partner.

First Grade – Tiger:  Scouts is an exciting scouting program for first grade youth (or 7 years old) ready to get going! Tigers do stuff – lots of stuff – and all with their adult partners. This program is intended to open up the world to inquisitive minds along with the caring guidance of adults. The first steps along the Boy Scout Trail are laid here and every rank advancement through the scouting program builds on the basic activities done as Tigers.

In 2020 we will focus more on small group activities. Usually we would meet a few times a year as a pack, but we these types of activities may be limited for safety concerns. All Den events will follow standard safety protocols (social distancing and face masks).  The Pack 60 program is very laid-back program, and focuses on the children having fun, getting involved in the community, and learning about Sudbury and the scouting Program. Depending on the activity an the enrollment, some of the activities may be done in partnership between the Lions (K) and Tigers (1st).

How to Join:

Visit our registration page or email


Lion and Tiger Scouts have fun exploring and doing adventures that move them ahead towards their rank. The Lion or Tiger rank is earned by completing five-six adventures. The Lion’s adult partner participates the whole time, but the recognition items are only for the scouts.


A den relies on the support and enthusiasm of its families! This shared leadership helps ensure participation by all, provides a sense of ownership to all, and gives each scout family a chance to lead the den.

The Den Leader is a registered BSA volunteer. Every Den is required to have a registered leader whose responsibilities are:

  • Work directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure that their den is an active and successful part of the pack.
  • Plan and prepare for initial den meeting and outing.
  • Mentor adult partners in the delivery of their particular den meetings.
  • Attend pack leaders’ meetings.
  • Lead the den at the monthly meeting and pack activities.
  • Coordinate shared leadership among the Lion adult partners, ensuring that each scout and adult partner get to be the host team to plan and execute the den activities.
  • If you are interested in volunteering, please email