Trophy and Competition Information

For each badge level and for the entire pack, there are trophies for:

  • 1st fastest, 2nd fastest, 3rd fastest
  • Most Creative Design
  • Best Workmanship

Criteria for “Most Creative Design” Trophies: Fit and finish are not the focus here, only creativity! What is creative? Here are some examples:

  • Something normal, but with an unusual twist.
  • Something outlandish or unusual.
  • Pretty much anything that’s not a car: examples a hot dog, a shark, a surfer on a wave, a dinosaur, a plane, etc.
  • Of course, any outlandish car can’t be ruled out!

Criteria for “Best Workmanship” Trophies: Fit and finish are the focus here. Here are some things to look for:

  • The quality of the carving/shaping of the car.
  • The quality of the sanding.
  • The quality of the paint job.
  • The quality of the decals.
  • The quality of other decorations.
  • The degree of difficulty to create the car.
Our goal is 100% participation in this fun and rewarding event.  In the event that a scout completes his car in time for the race, but is unable to participate on race day due to extenuating circumstances (e.g., due to illness or family emergency), his parent or guardian may discuss with his den leader having the den leader race his car “as is” for him. Permission for this exception may be granted at the sole discretion of the Pack 60 Pinewood Derby Chair after consultation with the den leader.